Cloud being an emerging technology and well known to most of the industries and IT decision makers, it’s high time that we need to discuss more about this technology to get an overall understanding. Even though industries are aware of all benefits which cloud could bring into the business, but security have been big constraint to move most of the critical data and workloads to cloud, and security might not be the only reason industries are hesitant to move to cloud, arguably we could bring many reasons and business cases.

With all these challenges there is a new model which is gaining the business market and helps business to overcome highly sophisticated system is: The Hybrid Cloud.

But irrespective of anything its known fact that cloud is beneficial to the business industries in terms of cost, flexibility, scalability and tailored solutions per needs.

 “I need to save cost

Make a smart strategy

Of-course data integrity matters”

Now that we all know that there is a logical reason which can justify why we need to invest more on cloud market, especially hybrid cloud to meet compliance and regulatory needs.

So, what is hybrid cloud: Hybrid cloud is a combination of two or more distinct cloud infrastructures (Public, Private, Community) with orchestration . There are many reputed public cloud providers in the industry like Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft Azure and more.

Cloud has rapidly grown and huge thanks to all providers to bring most innovative and cost effective solution.

An enterprise can host their highly critical systems in private and move less critical workloads to public cloud or only certain resources like storage can be moved to public cloud to archive data.


“Best platform innovator award goes to”


Hybrid Cloud


Before moving to hybrid cloud model, think about data replication, compute, storage, bandwidth, vendor lock-in, migration, support ability.

Remember, with the active growth in the data, moving or replicating the data over cloud is complicated. However, service providers like Microsoft, AWS, Alibaba are giving guaranteed consistency between on premise to cloud. This can only be offered with Active Data Replication.

If compliance or regulations becomes concern and has less capital investments, organization may think about local hosting. So that at least the data resides within the region not somewhere else. Also ensure that the provider meets all necessary certification requirement (PCI, ISO, SOC etc) as per standards

Note : Based on organization need data center certifications needs to be validated.


Best thing about hybrid cloud is the level of access an administrator has in both infrastructure. It gives an opportunity for the companies to utilize the most reliable resources in pay as you go model. Despite of these benefits hybrid model has some technical and business related challenges so ensure that it has solid network connectivity and required application level support like API.

Get what you need, pay for what you use

Hybrid cloud model door is now open even for financial sector with the ability to support block chain technology. Organizations can decide to distribute the workload among cloud platforms, also ensure the latency is less. I am now investing my time to understand more about all service providers, also there are lot of business cases we can utilize cloud technology like VDI, IoT, Block chain which will be shared in upcoming articles.

So stay tuned…


By Kingson Jebaraj

Microsoft MVP, Blogger, Owner and Publisher for, Microsoft TechNet Author, Solution Architect, Former Office365 Technical Lead for Microsoft(Partner) Extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft Exchange and Cloud Messaging Services and has got more exposure on Messaging environment deployment,migration,designing and other project management activities, I have earned real time experience in handling multi-site distributed critical large environment of messaging system. Been awarded as an MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) for Office Servers and services from Microsoft for an exceptional real world contribution made through Microsoft forums and other Microsoft communities. Currently working as “Solution Architect” on Private/Public cloud and SaaS environment for Pacific Controls, UAE, Dubai. One of the largest TIER III certified green data center campus in the middle east.