Today, I would like to share information on the management of Microsoft 365 using the mobile app. In scenarios where administrators are away from desk or laptop and if there is a need to address ad-hoc requests, we can make use of this app which has most of the options like the admin portal.

This app is available in Google Play Store and Apple App store. We will now see the options available within this app for the administrators to manage M365.

Once you login to any of the stores, search for Microsoft 365 Admin, download and login using the Administrator credentials. Please check here for the requirements.

Upon login, we will land into the home page which has the below options,

  • Message Centre: This will have announcements from Microsoft, planned maintenance, etc
  • Service health: Details about the service health status, any disruptions
  • Billing alerts: Notifications on the billing if any
  • Quick actions: This would be beneficial as it has links to password reset, license assignment, etc

Apart from the above stated options, we can find other capabilities by clicking on more options on the top left. This will look almost like the M365 admin portal. Some of the options we have are,

  • User management: Block user, reset password, assign license, automatic replies, litigation hold and more
  • Group management: view/manage members, view/manage owners
  • Settings: View Organization profile, set release preferences, notifications, etc
  • Billing: View products, view & manage licenses, payments

That sound’s great, isn’t it. Again, most of the repetitive, common tasks can be managed using the M365 Admin mobile app which makes it easier for the administrators.

Happy learning!!

By Ashok M

A technology enthusiast with 9+ years of experience in Planning, Designing, Implementation, Migration and Operations of various Microsoft Infrastructure & Cloud Services. Extensive knowledge of Cloud Computing, Microsoft Messaging & Collaboration, Digital Transformation, IT Services & Emerging technologies. • One of the Authors of the book – “Reimagine Remote Working with Microsoft Teams : A practical guide to increasing your productivity and enhancing collaboration in the remote world” - • Blogger at CloudExchangers - • Microsoft Community Contributor in Microsoft Q&A - • Microsoft Certified Professional in MS Azure, Microsoft365, MS Teams and Skype for Business