It will be always good to be appreciated for your work and for getting recognized. Organizations believe that recognizing employee’s effort and appreciation provides more productivity and motivates every other employee to deliver the best. It also represents the organization’s culture. Praise app in MS Teams provides badges as a symbol of appreciation which can be sent directly to your teammates through a private chat or in the channel. This app can be used to send appreciation to your peers in the channel or private chat.

You can click on the Praise icon just below the message tab as highlighted:

This will open the Praise app with the default badges:

Click on any of the badges which you would like to send to your colleague and type your custom messages (Note)

Select Preview to review. Once done, click on Send to send your praise to your colleague

Now the recipient will receive your appreciation.

The same procedure can be followed to add Praise in the channel.

Click on new conversation and select the Praise icon

Select the badge and add Notes if required and type the name of the person in that channel to send the praise

Select Preview and click on Send. Great, your Praise is now posted on the channel!

A notification will be sent to the members of the channel.

This app also allows you to use your custom badges with the below specifications which needs to be added by your Teams administrator:

  • File type should be .PNG
  • Image File should not exceed 40 KB
  • Maximum dimensions of 216 X 216 pixels
  • Text and background color

So, now we have learned about sending and receiving appreciations using the Praise App in MS Teams. I hope that you will start using this app for encouraging your peers.

Happy learning!!

By Ashok M

A technology enthusiast with 9+ years of experience in Planning, Designing, Implementation, Migration and Operations of various Microsoft Infrastructure & Cloud Services. Extensive knowledge of Cloud Computing, Microsoft Messaging & Collaboration, Digital Transformation, IT Services & Emerging technologies. • One of the Authors of the book – “Reimagine Remote Working with Microsoft Teams : A practical guide to increasing your productivity and enhancing collaboration in the remote world” - • Blogger at CloudExchangers - • Microsoft Community Contributor in Microsoft Q&A - • Microsoft Certified Professional in MS Azure, Microsoft365, MS Teams and Skype for Business