This will be a short post in which I would like to share some great features I came across while using MS Teams. MS Viva Insights is an app designed for balancing productivity and wellbeing. In this app, I specifically wanted to share couple of features which are Mindfulness and Focus time.

  • Mindfulness from Headspace

This is one of the important features which is required in this new era of remote working. These are short, bite-sized guided medications that you can integrate in your routine. Perhaps before the start of an important meeting or a short break between back-to-back meetings.

  • Focus Time

Protect time shows your free time that can be scheduled for focus time to work on uninterrupted tasks or priority tasks which needs complete attention. When Focus time is booked, Teams chats are muted to help concentrate on your tasks.

So, in this post we learnt about balancing individual wellbeing and productivity using MS Viva Insights. Of course, you can also explore much more features which are included in this app.

Happy learning!!

By Ashok M

A technology enthusiast with 9+ years of experience in Planning, Designing, Implementation, Migration and Operations of various Microsoft Infrastructure & Cloud Services. Extensive knowledge of Cloud Computing, Microsoft Messaging & Collaboration, Digital Transformation, IT Services & Emerging technologies. • One of the Authors of the book – “Reimagine Remote Working with Microsoft Teams : A practical guide to increasing your productivity and enhancing collaboration in the remote world” - • Blogger at CloudExchangers - • Microsoft Community Contributor in Microsoft Q&A - • Microsoft Certified Professional in MS Azure, Microsoft365, MS Teams and Skype for Business